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With our state-of-the-art laboratory analyses and powerful, proprietary AI algorithms, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for customers from industry and research worldwide. In our interdisciplinary team, we develop custom-fit solutions that far surpass the status quo. We always strive for win-win situations. This is one of our success factors.

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Biomarkers with unique precision

Biomarkers are molecules in the organism that provide information about biological states, e.g. disease, prognosis, prediction of drug efficacy.

In its proprietary AI engine, OakLabs combines several relevant molecules into one biomarker. The readings of each molecule flow into a complex mathematical model and provide results with unique precision.

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AI Engine

Our artificial intelligence engine combines a set of proprietary algorithms to develop highly accurate biomarkers for a variety of healthcare applications. We work with customers worldwide in industry and research at the frontier of what is possible.

Health Monitor

Want to live healthier for longer? Our health monitor can help you achieve your health goals. It combines a regular comprehensive blood analysis and detects critical health conditions even before you notice any symptoms yourself. It also supports you in taking targeted and sustainable countermeasures.

Gene Expression Analysis

Want to deep insights into biological processes and changes? Our experimentally validated microarrays provide robust data on global gene expression. Our complex data analysis makes it easier for our customers to extract new insights from the vast amounts of data.

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