Gene Expression Analysis

High Molecular Data

Measuring the activity of more than 20,000 genes

What is High Molecular Weight Data?

High molecular data refers to vast amounts of biological data generated by high-throughput molecular biology techniques. These data form a valuable source to obtain information about the biology of an organism.

With our unique AI engine, we continuously gain new and deep insights about health and disease states. For our customers, we develop biomarkers for a wide range of applications in diagnostics and precision medicine.

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To gain deeper insights into biological processes and changes. Measuring the activity of 20,000+ genes is a prerequisite for this.


Our proprietary microarrays provide highly accurate and robust data on global gene expression. Our complex data analysis provides easily interpretable results.

Scientific Basis

In our state-of-the-art laboratory in Hennigsdorf, Germany, we measure global gene expression in a variety of sample types.

For whom?

Previously used almost exclusively for research. With the Health Monitor, the benefits become accessible to everyone.

Deep insights into biological processes

Gene Expression Analysis

How are genes activated and regulated in a cell or an organism? The analysis of global gene expression provides us with answers. It involves measuring the amount and activity of mRNA produced by specific genes. This allows us to gain insight into underlying biological processes and functions.

There are several techniques for analyzing gene expression, including microarray analysis and RNA sequencing. Microarray analysis uses a microarray chip containing thousands of known DNA sequences to determine which genes are active and how expressed in a given sample. 

OakLabs Scientific has conducted extensive experiments to determine the DNA sequences that are optimal for gene activity analysis. These so-called ArrayXS microarrays are used by researchers around the world.