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Prevention: Your personal adjusting screws to discover and control your well-being

How can our Health Check help you?

preventative healthcare

Our health check can offer individual help in the context of prevention. If a chronic disease has already manifested itself, healing is often protracted or sometimes not possible at all. Through our scientifically based analyses, we recognize critical health conditions long before they can lead to illness. On this basis, we are able to give you individual recommendations that can help you achieve your best health.

  • We accompany you: Test yourself regularly and improve your health sustainably.
  • No 0-8-15 tips: Get recommendations for a healthier life that really suit you
  • Keep an eye on your biomarkers: Detect critical health conditions even before symptoms appear
  • Little effort – much insights

A little effort - a lot of Insights

What is the process

The health check combines regular screening with a personalized evaluation. This provides you with individual recommendations based on a holistic view of your health.

With powerful AI algorithms and the expertise of our qualified employees, the Health Monitor accompanies you sustainably to your health goals.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our strong points

OakLabs Scientific combines interdisciplinary expertise from decades of experience in various research disciplines.

We use the latest technical methods and current scientific findings to gain uniquely deep insights into your state of health. This gives you the chance to improve your health sustainably.

Interdisciplinary competence

scientifically based

standardized analyses in certified laboratory

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Analysis methods & biomarkers

How do we analyse your sample?

In our own state-of-the-art equipped and certified laboratory in Hennigsdorf near Berlin, we perform all analyses in cooperation with membraPure. For more than 30 years membraPure with its managing director Dr. Erdmann Flindt has been established in science and industry with high-quality laboratory equipment and analyses. Depending on the test, different technologies are used for our health check, e.g. our amino acid analyzer for the measurement of up to 54 amino acids.

In addition, we have the possibility to measure the activity of more than 20,000 genes by using the so-called “Quantitative PCR”. This allows us to find out how well your body can detoxify harmful substances from the environment, everyday life and food. This way we can give you recommendations on how to support your body individually in the best possible way.

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